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Flight Dental System DM-1901 Piezo 24V Built-in Scaler

Flight Dental System DM-1901 Piezo 24V Built-in Scaler

Piezo 24V Built-in Scaler

The built in Piezo Scaler is a durable piece of equipment which has a autoclavable titanium hand piece. With fine tuning control on power supply and water spray, there is no heat buildup from the tips. Root Canal enlargement and swirling irrigation lets you execute precise dental procedures, while still maintaining a high standard with great patient comfort.

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  • Working Frequency: 24-32kHz
  • Power supply: AC 24V, 50/60Hz
  • Water supply pressure: 1-5 bar


  • Feedback system for built in circuit module keeps constant strong power
  • Regulator controls output power moderately in different quantity of tartar
  • Circuit module with digital system works more accurately
  • All function is operated by new digital system
  • 10 of LED lamps show output power degree
  • One-touch mode of foot switch avoids fatigue on foot during treatment
  • Very small size, light weight
  • Adjustable power adjustment
  • EMS type scaler tips are all compatible




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