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RADWAG PM 60.1.4Y High Capacity Precision Balance 60 kg x 1 g WL-223-0011

RADWAG PM 60.1.4Y High Capacity Precision Balance 60 kg x 1 g WL-223-0011


                        Radwag PM 60.1.4Y Precision Balance

                        The Radwag PM 4Y precision balances have a large 15.75" x 19.69" weighing pan and are designed for high capacity applications where high accuracy and precision are critical. PM balances are made with Radwag's patented MonoBLOCK weighing technology.  This technology results in a balance that remains accurate over longer periods of time and is resistant to changes in ambient conditions.  The built in 4 point overload protection helps protect sensitive internal components from damage in cases where the balance is accidentally overloaded. PM 4Y balances have multiple communication ports for communicating with external devices such as printers and computers. Standard weighing applications in addition to general weighing include parts counting, dosing, checkweighing, formulation, percent weighing, animal weighing, differential weighing, and density determination.  The digital indicator features a large 5.7" color touchscreen display with IR sensors that can be configured for hands free operation of the print function or tare function.  The 4Y weighing terminal has databases for users, products, formulations, weighments, packagings, customers and more.


                        • MonoBLOCK weighing technology
                        • External calibration
                        • IP43 rating for digital indicator
                        • 2 x RS 232, 2 x USB-A, 1 x Ethernet
                        • 4 Digital Inputs
                        • 4 Digital Outputs
                        • Large stainless steel weighing pan
                        • ABS Plastic indicator housing
                        • Multiple weighing units (g, kg, ct, lb, oz, N)

                        Weighing Modes 

                        • Weighing
                        • Dosing
                        • Formulation
                        • Animal weighing
                        • Differential weighing
                        • Density determination
                        • Checkweighing
                        • Parts counting
                        • Percent weighing

                          Note: For all International Orders, the buyer will be solely responsible for the customs clearance, duty, and taxes imposed on the package.


                          Metrological parameters
                          Physical parameters
                          Communication interface
                          Electrical parameters
                          Environmental conditions
                          Maximum capacity [Max]



                          Minimum load



                          Readability [d]



                          Tare range



                          Minimum weight (USP)



                          Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2)



                          Repeatability (Max)



                          Repeatability (5% Max)






                          Stabilization time




                          internal (automatic)


                          Leveling system

                          semi-automatic - LevelSENSING





                          Protection class

                          IP 43


                          Weighing pan dimensions



                          Packaging dimensions



                          Net weight



                          Gross weight



                          Communication interface

                          2×RS232, 2×USB-A, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®


                          Power supply

                          Adapter: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz 1A; 15V DC 2.4A
                          Balance: 12 – 15V DC 1.1A max


                          Operating temperature

                          +10 — +40





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