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RADWAG WX-001-0200 Stent Weighing Kit

RADWAG WX-001-0200 Stent Weighing Kit


A stent is a type of prosthesis that is placed inside a blood vessel to restore its patency. Dozens of lives are saved thanks to it. Its shape, size, and weight must be matched to the blood vessel. In addition, the stent application site requires attention to sterility. These properties necessitate the use of balances with the highest resolution for the inspection of stents.
The stent weighing kit has been designed to ensure that such a delicate sample, a stent, is weighed with the greatest precision possible, yet in an easy and ergonomic manner. The said precision is obtained thanks to the XA 5Y.M.S microbalances, and ergonomics due to the specially designed weighing pan and additional draft shields.
The weighing pans that are part of the kit allow for weighing stents of different sizes, including 5.5 × 140 mm, 6 × 60 mm, 8 × 40 mm, 8 × 40 mm, 19 × 10 mm, and 1.6 × 19 mm. Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the kit and its applicators, the user places the stent on a special tray, which increases ergonomics and eliminates cross-contamination.
Due to the different shapes and sizes of stents, two types of weighing pans, dedicated covers, and size-appropriate applicators come standard with the kit. The RADWAG-manufactured microbalance is a versatile solution. Therefore, it can be operated by a right- or left-handed person.
The overall design of the kit, i.e. a fork-shaped weighing pan with an additional draft shield, has eliminated the difficulties associated with weighing of a small-weight sample of a relatively large volume such as stent. With this, the stent weighing results are obtained with an accuracy equal to that of the balance. 
The stent weighing kit includes 7 items:
  • draft shield base,
  • 2 draft shields,
  • 2 fork-shaped stent weighing pans: for small (1) and large (1) stents,
  • 2 stent applicators: for small (1) and large (1) stents.
The kit is intended for all load capacities of the XA 5Y.M.S series balances.

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